This plot builds effect picture

Time 10 thousand rich of Yu CBD and long grand go vacationing the gold lot between the area lives construction, commerce, business affairs and culture muti_function compound community,金诗玛休闲会所全套广州从化特殊按摩 pass building of mark of 盈通国际水会价钱广州盈通国际水会收费248 meters of ground to make a Yu north portal figure. Rece广州便宜fj场广州fj场kbntly, time Han Xi of street of Yu area big stone grows grand piece sex of control of area reserve plot plans to be in city in detail compasses appoint obtain on the meeting through, this plot will walk through subterranean space, lan芳村桑拿会所荔湾区芳村哪里有全套dscape the form such as green corridor of the bridge, zoology establishs ties 10 thousand rich and long grand, form functional compound integrated city function piece area.

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Promotion: Form public service center to make ” central park “

Plot program limits east come highway of a Yu highway, Na Zhihan brook, grand travel grows to go vacationing to Guangzhou on the west area, north comes letter radical city, limits is aggregate 59.49 hectare. This plot position is predominant, can says ” gold plot ” , be located in between He Changlong of CBD of 10 thousand rich, proximate subway the v珠村巴比伦水疗会所广州珠村巴比伦半套illage austral 7 lines station of 10 thousand rich and subway 18 lines 10 thousand rich stand.

This second program makes center of TOD business b2018东莞常平沐足包吹广州黄村逸城休闲中心usiness affairs. Use reserve the land inside east side lives广州玉龙阁有全套吗 2 kinds of 3.7 hectare to be adjusted with the ground use the land for commercial business affairs, volume ratio is 9.7~10.7 respectively, building density 55% , total floor area is 380 thousand square metre about. Grow grand travel integ广州总统御池情景房总统御池水疗会所ratedly to go vacationing at the same time the division develops a plan, outside using reserve the land to 2 kinds when Lin Hanxi highway belongs to long grand group live to be adjusted with the ground use the land for commercial business affairs, volume ratio still is 1.8, building density 55% , total floor area still is one hundred and four thousand two hundred square metre.

Optimize live the layout that use the land, perfect public service facilities. Face park greenbelt to install public service facilities centrally, form community public service center, 47 establishment such as place of fitness of courtyard of welfare of setting nursery school, old people, dweller, police station, total floor area 46 thousand square metre, form group of life of 15 minutes of community.

Increase park greenbelt, green corridor of get through area. Reserve plot the natural hill body of side gives on the west reservation, the area that use the land makes 新悦湾水会有什么服务广州新悦湾水会an appointment with 8.7 hectare, the property that use the land uses the land for aricultural, the land is used in reserve mid edge stuff to add banding greenbelt, the area makes an appointment with 4.2 hectare, connect long grand piece the area is mixed a Yu highway of two side defend green ribbon, form green corridor system. Encourage establishment of football ground of the configuration inside greenbelt, recreational fitness to wait. This area opens construction model vigor block, setting of annex of boreal side edge centers type neighborhood service center; Make the central park inside area, install the function such as culture, art, promote community communal vigor.

Connect: On foot space of the bridge, underground establishs ties 10 thousand rich grow grand

10 thousand rich – the urban core that grows grand to had become a Yu, this lot just in time is located in between two large area, how 10 thousand rich and the between connection that grow grand become aggrandizement crucial.

Plan to put forward, re阿信国际会所技师推荐阿信国际会所怎么样ly on the subway 18 lines 10 thousand rich stand, continue a Yu highway is contemporary axis of commerce of business affairs of science and technology, promotion plot functio悦海洲国际水会推荐悦祝休闲中心n is compound degree reach development intensity; CBD of 10 thousand rich makes linkag盈通国际水会价格表盈通国际水会按摩项目e functional compound is integrated urban function piece area. Will carry on the functional r广州田力桑拿休闲会所田力桑拿的全部评价adiate of area of business affairs of 10 thousand rich, standing by the compound function such as a business of distribution of Yu highway a side, business affairs, hotel, culture.

With silken belt park concept, uniCom 10 thousand rich – long grand thing to area zoology green corridor. Through increasing net of close in-house road, form ” network of small block, close road ” road system, promote plot understand the gender. Optimize an edge time Yu highway and interface of city 广州新景湾有什么服务of Chinese brook highway, horizon line whole forms the horizon contour line that Cong Changlong lifts gradually to 10 thousand rich; A sign of ground of Yu upper portal that builds high identifying sex figure, along time two side double tower forms Yu highway figure of mark of area portal ground, promote the identifying of a Yu highway the gender, height of ground mark tower 248 meters.

The landscape that crosses 番禺钟村品汇水疗服务岗贝路水疗a Yu main street through 1 walks successive business street enhances the s天河至尊国际水疗广州至尊国际ktv招聘ubterranean space UniCom of the bridge, unifi广州海珠区全套广州白云区全套nication, about 1.5 kilometers the walking of plot and Ji Changlong of CBD of 10 thousand rich is contacted, and the connection that enhances track site and long grand. Time Yu area respect discloses, space of underground of long grand of 10 thousand rich will be in next year is full first half of the year finishing, prospective underground space also will outspread to this one plot with long grand have 金沙洲月都城桑拿微信金沙洲月都城经理电话a common boundary, hopeful becomes the largest underground space on the world, such 10 thousand rich and lo三元里蓝泊湾女技师阿信国际会所不带套ng g泰殿水会怎么样泰殿水会有半套吗rand are together with respect to will organic connection.